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with hands held high into a sky so blue

15 December 1988
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tämä murheellisten laulujen maa

Name: Laura
DOB: December 15, 1988
Living: summers in Finland, winters in England
Studying: International Relations / Korean Studies
Fangirling right now: Tim Burton, SHINee, DBSK, Koda Kumi, The GazettE, Final Fantasy XIII, Merlin, Doctor Who

I've been described as cute, funny, calm, dependable, and mad scientist. The last might be because I'm a geek who likes to poke and prod at things. I like humans (and animals), and love anything to do with them, be it culture or biology. I'm (sometimes brutally) honest and am a deep thinker to the point of depression but for some reason this journal doesn't quite reflect that.

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